There's Super Bowl Betting For 2016 - However No Super Bowl L!

The big games are always the ones that capture the big money from a sportbook's perspective, so it is with Super Bowl Betting. The Super Bowl XLIX was no exception, although when it comes to gambling what's so exciting is its unpredictability.

A lot of punters are keen to put their money where their mouth is and so it is with Super Bowl Betting. Yes, they will bet with their hearts and sometimes that is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. That said, the winning gamblers do the same thing too, so how can one ever come to the right conclusion and decide who's actually going to win the game?

The "must see" game for the XLIX was viewed by approximately 68 million people worldwide. Already, nearly at the end of summer, it will soon be round again. In a few months after another exciting year, it will once again be time again for Super Bowl fever, and all the accompanying fanfare.

However, this time there is going to be something very different, does anyone know what? The Super Bowl betting on this historic occasion will not be for Super Bowl L as one would expect. The Roman numerals for 2016 have been decided to be ditched, for the first time since the fourth Super Bowl, back in January 1970.

The event that will take place in the San Francisco Bay Area, will be using the Arabic numeral 50, making a temporary break with convention, due to some intense lobbying by certain groups.

Maybe it was something to do with promotional materials, who knows, but one has to say the likelihood of it being changed even being taken under consideration, from the outside would have appeared to be very, very unlikely.

Seriously, what odds would have been given on such a historical change being made in the first place? No doubt a lot better than placing money on what the eventual outcome of the game will be, by a long way!

But will that deter the millions placing their bets on who they expect to win the clash? Not a chance! Not when it comes down to Super Bowl betting and putting one's money down on who they think will win!