There's Super Bowl Betting For 2016 - However No Super Bowl L!

The big games are always the ones that capture the big money from a sportbook's perspective, so it is with Super Bowl Betting. At, Super Bowl XLIX was no exception, although when it comes to gambling what's so exciting is its unpredictability.

A lot of punters are keen to put their money where their mouth is and so it is with Super Bowl Betting. Yes, they will bet with their hearts and sometimes that is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. The only time you can bet irresponsibly is when placing a friendly bet or office pool. That said, the winning gamblers do the same thing too, so how can one ever come to the right conclusion and decide who's actually going to win the game?

The "must see" game for the XLIX was viewed by approximately 68 million people worldwide. Already, nearly at the end of summer, it will soon be round again. In a few months after another exciting year, it will once again be time again for Super Bowl fever, and all the accompanying fanfare.

However, this time there is going to be something very different, does anyone know what? The Super Bowl betting on this historic occasion will not be for Super Bowl L as one would expect. The Roman numerals for 2016 have been decided to be ditched, for the first time since the fourth Super Bowl, back in January 1970.

The event that will take place in the San Francisco Bay Area, will be using the Arabic numeral 50, making a temporary break with convention, due to some intense lobbying by certain groups.

Maybe it was something to do with promotional materials, who knows, but one has to say the likelihood of it being changed even being taken under consideration, from the outside would have appeared to be very, very unlikely.

Seriously, what odds would have been given on such a historical change being made in the first place? No doubt a lot better than placing money on what the eventual outcome of the game will be, by a long way!

But will that deter the millions placing their bets on who they expect to win the clash? Not a chance! Not when it comes down to Super Bowl betting and putting one's money down on who they think will win!

Types of Sports to Bet On

There are lots of sports that you can bet on including NBA. Popular sports for Canadian gamblers include American Football (NFL), basketball, the Canadian Football league, MLB, horse racing, soccer, golf, NHL hockey, and so much more. In fact, most sports are covered and there is always a bet to be placed. Canadian sports betting sites will have lots of betting options on NHL so if you are a fan of hockey you're bound to find some great deals. CFL is another favourite as nine teams compete each year to see who will come out victorious.

How Easy is it to Bet?

Signing up for an account with an online sportsbook only takes a few clicks and once you log into your account you find plenty of betting opportunities. There are games taking place all the time all year round and with so many different sports to bet on there always plenty of chances to place your wagers.

The home page of any online sports book will display the current odds and list of betting markets. All you have to do is choose your sport and select the type of bet you want to place. Add in the amount you want to bet and that's it.

You don't even have to use your desktop, mobile betting on the go is available too. Lots of punters choose to place bets on their mobile or tablet. A lot of the big brand name bookmakers even have their own mobile betting apps that you can download from the App or Play store to use on your iOS or Android device. This means you never have to miss out on a bet because with the click of a button from any mobile device you can place your wager.

Find Live Sports Betting Sites

Live sports betting or in-play betting as it is often called is really popular. With this option, you get ever changing odds on sporting events as the game plays out. Live betting is available from the start to the end of the event and it gives bettors a huge range of different and exciting ways to get in on the action. You can find hundreds of markets for each game across a range of different sports.

Live betting is essentially betting on a game while it's being played. In football, you can bet on lots of different aspects of the game from kickoff until the finish. With live betting, you are predicting how the game will play out in any given moment and time is everything. If you get it right you can really win big. Some of the betting options can include:

  • Next team to score
  • Number of goals in the first half
  • First half score
  • Next player to get booked
  • Team to win the next corner
  • Out right winner
  • Over and under bets
  • And much more

Be sure to check out the in-play portal to see the number of markets available and the odds being offered. Remember the odds chance as the game plays out and this can be a great way to bet on the underdog or sneak in a big win. If you want to enjoy more betting action, live betting is definitely the way to go.

Understanding Sports Betting Odds

Understanding how odds are displayed is very important. They can be displayed in American, Fraction, or Decimal format, and below we have a brief overview of each of these. Most sportsbooks will allow you to choose how you wish to have the odds displayed.

American Odds
With this type of display, a betting line will look like (-200) or (+200). If the odds are shown as -200 it means that you have to bet $200 to win a profit of $100. If the odds are +200 you place a $100 bet win a profit of $200. If the odds are shown as (+100) or Even, a bet of $100 will return a profit of $100. American display is the most popular at Canadian sportsbooks.

Decimal Odds
Odds will be shown as (1.50). The decimal represents the total return on a bet of $1 so if you placed a wager of $1 at these odds you get a return of $1.50, a profit of 50 cents. If you are betting on parlays the odds will be displayed in decimal format and you will find this display common on sites like Proline.

Fractional Odds
Fractional odds are displayed like 1/2 or 3/2. The number after the / is your bet amount and the number before the / is the winning amount. So if you placed a bet of $2 at odds of 1/2 you would win $1. A bet at 3/2 means you will win $3 for every $2 you bet. Fractional odds are most common on UK betting sites.

Now that you know how odds can be displayed, the next thing to know is how they work. Canadian players will find that decimal odds are the most popular and they are the easiest to work out as well. Spend some time looking at the odds and calculating your winnings before you place your bets so that you know how much you can expect to cash out if you wager wins.

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